2017 to Present Minn Kota PowerDrive Advanced GPS Upgrade Kit

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In order to control the trolling motor from a compatible Huminbird depth finder you will need Cables. If you have a Helix you will need the AS EC QDE and thra appropriate length ethernet cable to go from trolling motor to depth finder. If you have a Solix or Apex you will just need the appropriate length ethernet cable.


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2017 to Present Minn Kota PowerDrive Advanced GPS Upgrade Kit

This kit upgrades your 2017 to present Minn Kota PowerDrive to the latest GPS technology and for the first time in a PowerDrive model gives the option to control your trolling motor from a compatible Humminbird depth finder.

This kit includes the following:

  • Advanced GPS Head Controller
  • Option of Remote (The difference between the remotes is as follows.  No Remote uses the Minn Kota One Boat Network App only.  The Micro Remote has the ability to use spot lock, turn the prop on/off, use the advance autopilot, steer the motor and use the high speed bypass.  The full size wireless remote does everything the micro remote does plus the ability to use legacy autopilot, change boat scale, record iTracks, and Spot Lock locations.)  You can use the app with either of the remotes.

The heading sensor is not included in this kit, but can be purchased separately. The heading sensor adds the Jog Feature to Spot Lock. It also gives the ability to adjust the heading on the remote and app via the Heading Sensor Calibration. The heading sensor is completely optional. Here is the link to the heading sensor: https://lakesidemarineandservice.com/products/minn-kota-heading-sensor-bt-1866680

    Recommended parts you should also purchase if connecting to a compatible Humminbird depth finder.  

    • Ethernet Adapter Cable is your Hummunbird is a Helix
    • Appropriate Ethernet Cable Length from head of trolling motor to your depth finder location

    Installation Instructions

    • One-Boat Network Mobile App
      Use your phone to access every navigation mode through the app’s digital remotes. Plus, you can control everything on your boat, from your Minn Kota trolling motor at the bow to your Raptor or Talon shallow water anchor at the stern. The app also includes Humminbird mapping tools and direct access to customer support.
    • Bluetooth
      Bluetooth® connectivity gives you a fast, secure connection and allows for easy software updates via your Apple® or Android™ device to add new features to your system. Bluetooth also allows you to connect to your Talon or Raptor Shallow Water Anchors.
    • Humminbird Virtual Remote
      With Advanced GPS Navigation, you can control your motor from a virtual remote on your Humminbird screen when connected to a compatible Humminbird. Take command of speed, steering, Spot-Lock and Advanced AutoPilot, directly from your fish finder.
    • Spot-Lock
      The game-changing GPS anchor holds you on your fishing spot like never before - with state-of-the-art algorithms for the most accurate hold on the water.
    • Drift Mode with App, Full Size Remote or Compatible Fish Finder
      This all-new mode works like a GPS drift sock, combating wind and current to maintain your desired speed and path so you can focus on casting instead of steering.
    • Follow Mode
      Choose a contour – depth, bottom hardness or vegetation – on your Humminbird fish finder and your motor will automatically follow it.
    • Dodge Mode
      Bounce out of auto-navigation mode to manually steer, then resume auto-navigation without resetting your route.
    • Circle Mode
      Cast to a spot while orbiting in a circle around it with Circle Mode. Just choose the spot and how far from it you want to be, and your boat will circle the spot while you drop the hammer.
    • iTracks
      Create, store, retrace and return to your most productive trolling paths.
    • iTrack Offset
      Adjust the location and position of saved iTracks to fit the way you fish. Create a new iTrack that mirrors one of your existing iTracks from a set distance away, so you can cast to it.
    • Routes
      String multiple Waypoints and Spot-Locks together to create and save a custom route.
    • Go To
      Choose any Spot-Lock or iTrack that you want to return to, and Go To will activate your motor to take you back there automatically.
    • AutoPilot
      Choose your heading and stay on it without lifting a finger. Just point the motor head or Humminbird cursor in the direction you want to travel, hit a button, and your boat will stay on that course while your motor corrects for wind, waves and current.
    • Cruise Control
      Set your speed and your motor will maintain it – even in the wind. Monitor your on-the-water speed and adjust it in 0.1 mile-per-hour increments to entice fish with optimum bait presentation.
    • High Speed Bypass
      The Motor Speed with High Speed Bypass is set to 10 when engaged and returns to the previously set speed when disengaged.
    • BackTrack
      Turn your Humminbird current track into an iTrack. Automatically retrace it up to 2 miles and dial-in your BackTrack travel distance in 0.1 mile increments.

    The Advanced GPS Navigation system uses GPS satellite signals as well as digital compass data to know where it is, where its heading and the direction the motor is pointing. Since the system depends on GPS satellite signals for navigation, a minimum GPS signal of one bar is required in order for GPS navigation controls to be enabled. Best results are achieved when GPS signals of four bars can be obtained.


    The accuracy and responsiveness with which the Advanced GPS Navigation system controls the boat is highly dependent upon many variables. Just a few of these variables and their general effects on responsiveness and accuracy are given below so that the behavior of the system can be understood.
    Caution- this unit uses a magnetic.png
    Variable Effect chart.png

    Humminbird Control

    Certain Advanced GPS Navigation System features can only be initiated from a compatible Humminbird fish finder. When the Wireless Remote is connected to a Humminbird, features such as Follow the Contour, Follow the Shoreline, Circle Mode and Routes can only be initiated from the Humminbird. Follow the Contour and Follow the Shoreline also require a compatible LakeMaster or CoastMaster chart card or AutoChart Live maps. Active Bands for these functions can be viewed on the Wireless Remote, and minimal control can only be exercised over these functions from the remote. For a full list of features and information on how to control the Wireless Remote with the Humminbird, please see the Humminbird documentation. For a list of Humminbird units and SD cards that are compatible with Advanced GPS Navigation Systems,

    WARRANTY/RETURN INFORMATION: All Minn Kota electrical items are tested first by the manufacturer and a second time before leaving our facility. Since they are tested twice, the chance of the items being inoperative is very unlikely. In the event that you have any questions regarding the installation of your item, please contact us before doing so. We do not accept returns on used/installed electrical items. If for some reason you do not need the part you've ordered, it must be returned as unused, uninstalled in the original package with all of the original contents.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 27 reviews
      Brian Whittall

      Wish I would have does this sooner! Great speedy delivery

      Dennis L
      Powerdrive V1 now modernized

      The Advanced GPS is great, I used the iphone app to plan and run routes, worked perfectly. Easy to adjust for boat traffic and just a great feature to have for fishing. Its terrific!

      Jacob Mejia
      Exactly what I needed

      Have 2020 model powerdrive but couldn’t get my Humminbird to control the trolling motor unless I got new motor. Then I found this and it’s perfect. Easy set up took me 10 minutes. Crazy you can find this on this website but nowhere from minn kota

      Michael Leewright
      Great product but why no decal???

      The ipilot upgrade kit is great, zero complaints there. However, not providing a decal with the order… as I opened my package I frantically searched, but was disappointed to discover no decal. Us men are simple creatures. We like fishing, beer, and when we order something it should include a decal. If the package had included one, I’d have given 5 stars.

      Craig Hagmeier
      Upgrade kit

      Worked great once hooked up . Nowhere I found in the instructions did it say to hook the foot pedal connection to the new head. Worked great after that